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Fun-Fair at the Little Sisters of the Poor - Bangalore Perpetual Secours! November 5, 2023!

The Little Sisters of the Poor at Perpetual Help ran a fun-fair with the help of their friends and benefactors on November 5th, 2023. It began at 9 am in the morning and continued till 5 pm. There was a continuous flow of crowd, going from stall to stall enjoying variety of food items, games etc. The benefactors who held the stalls were all very dedicated and did their job to the perfection. Coupons were sold in different places so that the people could have access to them. A team of musicians entertained the crowd. It was lovely to see the people so relaxed and enjoy the melodious music. It was a great success thanks to the cooperation of one and all. We thank God for all our good and generous benefactors who are always ready to help us. May God bless them all.





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