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An enjoyable picnic of the infirm to Loyola College - Chennai!

On Februrary 17, 2020, six Associates Jeanne Jugan of the Little Sisters of the Poor at Chennai along with Mother Superior and three Little sisters took 19 residents from the infirmary on a picnic to Loyola college. The Associates brought 3 cars and the two vans from the Home transported us along with wheel chairs and walkers to Loyola. On arrival we were given snacks and tea.This was followed by a ride round the campus to Berkmans Hall. Again biscuits and tea was served. The Associates conducted a game of passing the parcel. Residents thoroughly enjoyed them selves.Three prizes were given to the winners. In order not to disappoint the others all were given gifts. Prizes and gifts were sponsored by the the Associates. Thus ended our small but sweet outing.