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Friends of Family Services - Mark, Martina & Team bring much joy and happiness for the Elderly o

It was a real pleasure for all of us to welcome, the Friends of Family Services to our Home in Mysore under the leadership of Mark Ramesh & Martina from Secunderabad for their Annual Christmas Party on the 25th of November this year. We were really privileged to have them among us as they began their Christmas Tour around India visiting our different Homes giving so much joy and happiness to our dear elderly residents.

The residents were very happy with their gifts and more than that, they were happy with the personal attention, the companionship and the joy and warmth they brought to them with their visit and Christmas Program. Their gifts were very much appreciated as they all received whatever they had asked for! It is through these simple, sincere and thoughtful gestures that the true message of Christmas is shared with them – that of the love of God for each and every one!