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The recent events at our Home in Secunderabad!


A Fun-Fair took place at the Little Sisters of the Poor at Secunderabad on November 17th, 2019. Many of our friends and benefactors got involved in the event and extended their service to make it a great success. We are grateful to one and all for their valuable help & generosity and we implore the Lord to bless each one of them abundantly.


Magic Show

Mr S. Janardhan, Head of Free Masons of Telangana conducted a magic show and entertained the elderly Residents. He also donated a trolley for the Home on 24th November 2019.

Pilgrimage to Medak Church

The elderly Residents of Little Sisters of the Poor of Secunderabad visited the Medak Church, the largest one in Telengana on13th November 2019! Mr. Manohar, one of the benefactors of the Home sponsored the Bus for them and organised the outing.May God bless him abundantly!