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Exciting Fun Fair at Bangalore St Joseph!

This year our annual FUN-FAIR took place on November 27th. Hectic preparations were going on since quite few months by our friends and benefactors as they usually sponsor this event. At 9.30 am the function was inaugurated by Mr. Mariasundaram Antony, the General Manager (Engineering) of General Electric Company in India. As soon as the gate was opened the crowds flocked to the stalls. The people continued to pour in all throughout the day for the Good Lord had favored us with a very good weather. Thanks to the co-operation and enthusiasm of one and all the fun-fair was a successful one. The proceeds of this event will go towards the maintenance of our Home for the Aged. We sincerely thank our good benefactors for their love and charity towards the elderly poor who are under our care! God bless them!