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The visit of Mr. S.M. Sirajuddin, a member of SANGHAMITRA in Guntur

Mr. S.M. Sirajuddin, a member of SANGHAMITRA (National Awardee) visited the Home in the month of September. Impressed by the service to the elderly in our Home, he promised to come back with his friends bringing provisions which we were in need. He organized a gathering with his Sanghmitra members on October 6th 2019.

Mr. B.V. Raman Kumar - State Information Commissioner was also present for this function. He had a very simple and loving approach to the Elderly. As we welcomed him at the entrance, spontaneously he wheeled one of the residents who was on the wheelchair to the Multi-purpose Hall. He was happy to learn about the Home and gave us a good donation before he left.

On that day we received a large supply of provisions & and also monetary help from the group for the maintenance of the Home. We are sincerely grateful to Mr .S.M. Sirajuddin and his friends. May God Bless them!