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Farewell to Saroja Paul, a dedicated employee of our Home at Mysore!

Fare-well to Mrs. Saroja at her retirement!

June 27th – Mrs. Saroja Paul was working with us for the past 33 years. We gave a fitting ‘Fare-well’ to her at her retirement. The program began at 3.45 p.m. with a prayer song. The Students from Teresian High School sang a beautiful hymn of praise, followed by the felicitation of garlanding, ponnadai, gifts etc. The cultural program continued with a charming dance of our Residents both Ladies and Gents which won a thunderous applause. The students performed four more dances and thrilled the audience. Saroja gave vote of thanks by recalling the day she came to the home having been drawn by the statue of St. Joseph and how he helped her to get a job in our home. Initially she worked in Sisters’ Linen Room for a year and then in the kitchen for six years. As she knew sewing she was moved to Residents’ Linen Room where she rendered an enormous service by taking care the needs of the Elderly. We ask our Mother Saint Jeanne Jugan to intercede for her and bless her with good health, peace and joy.