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The recent events at Mysore! World Earth Day! Eye Camp! Residents Day


On March 13th 2019 an Eye camp from KR Hospital was held in our Home. Our Residents profited of the camp to get their eyes examined and four of them were found ready for Cataract surgery. The hospital staff take very good care of our Residents during all the procedures and on the day of surgery as well. May God bless them for bringing new sight to the Eldelry!


On April 22nd 2019, The World Earth Day was celebrated in our Home by Radisson Blu Hotel by planting many flower plants, trees and some fruit trees. They have taken on the project of beautifying our front garden. They brought their gardeners to prepare the ground and gave the Honour to our dear Residents to plant these trees and plants.


July 29 – It was a joy for the entire Community to prepare for the celebration of our Residents’ Feast Day today. The spiritual preparation for the celebrations began the evening before when we gathered together for a Prayer Service preparing them for this Feast day, confiding all their intentions to the parents of our Blessed Mother, St. Anne & Joachim. In the morning, the Eucharistic Celebration was celebrated by his Lordship, the Bishop of Mysore, Rt. Rev. Dr. K.A. William and concelebrated by our Chaplain Fr. James Dominic and our Resident priest, Fr. Joseph Rodrigues. The Liturgy was chosen by the Bishop to be that of the Feast of Sts. Anne & Joachim of the 26th July and it was well-animated by our faithful friends the musicians and the orchestra of the Residents.

After Mass, all joined our Bishop and several of our Residents to plant trees to mark this day. More than 130 trees had been purchased from ODP (Organization for the Development of Peoples) at a very low rate. This was a reminder to all of Pope Francis’ recent Apostolic Letter: “Laudato Si” to help us enter into the “the ecological conversion” a term used by Pope Francis in this Apostolic Letter. Later in the day, the other Residents also had a chance of planting their own tree in different parts of the garden and each one has their name attached to it.

After a sumptuous lunch served by the Little Sisters, the animation of the day continued in the afternoon with a trip by the Residents to our “Home Made Shopping Mall” (in our Multi-purpose hall) for a Shopping Spree where each was given coupons to purchase what they wanted. Our employees helped us in this animation by sponsoring the price of stitching “Shoulder Shopping Bags” for each one. The stalls were beautifully decorated by the Little Sisters in the Community, and each stall was laid out with the different gifts sent to us by Providence: Saris, skirts, nighties for the ladies, Lungis and Beautiful T Shirts for the men along with slippers for all of them and abundance of different toilet articles. It was a real joy to see the Residents going from one stall to another, filling their Shopping bags which had been given to them at the entrance. We were overwhelmed as we realized how Providence truly lavished us with an abundance of gifts to fill the Shopping Mall. All of us could only think of the words of St. Jeanne Jugan: “Making the elderly happy is all that counts!” The whole community made a special effort to improve the quality of our giving by following the counsel of our Mother Foundress Saint Jeanne Jugan.