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Recent Events at Little Sisters of the Poor in Tuticorin!

Associates Jeanne Jugan in Tuticorin Home.

We are very grateful to our 5 Associates Jeanne Jugan - Miss K. Jane, Miss Vantha, Miss X. Viola, Mr. Jackson Subramanim and Mr. Jayadev Victor for all their dedication towards the Home and the welfare of the Elderly.

An Outing for the Elderly Residents

It was a day of outing for our semi valid Residents on January 31st 2019. They first went to the Basilica of Our Lady of Snows who is a part of every person living in Tuticorin and offered special prayers.

The next stop was the beach. After spending little time in the park, they returned home with grateful hearts and with renewed spirit.

Jubilee Celebration!

On April 29, 2019 was a special occasion to felicitate one of our employee, Mr. Pushparaj for his 25 years of loving service to the Home along with Mrs. Maragadham and Mrs. Renee whose jubilee was also celebrated along with him.