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Picnic and Pilgrimage at Karkala St Lawrence Church in Udupi District!

A picnic cum pilgrimage was organised on the 7th February 2019. The location for this was organised at Karkala St Lawrence church in Udupi District. The Vishal travels had kindly and generously provided the bus for us.

It was a privilege to spend quite sometime in prayer and adoration before the Eucharistic presence of our Lord. The lunch was provided by the Church authorities. They also screened a movie for our Residents after Lunch. After having relaxed a while those who wished were taken to Karkala beach. They enjoyed thoroughly at the beach.

We returned home with thanksgiving in our hearts for the marvellous day spent in Karkala, praising God for the our good benefactors who enabled us to give this joy to our elderly Residents. We prayed for them and the saying our Mother Saint Jeanne Jugan came to our minds, "Making the elderly happy is all that counts."