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Christmas Celebrations in different Homes of the Little Sisters of t


The elderly Residents put up Nativity Scene during the Christmas season!


The students from Natesh Academic School run by Mr.Natesh Pillai came on 15th December 2018 at 4 p.m.and performed classical dance program for our Residents. There were solo and group dances. Baby Nithya 3years old, daughter of Mr.Natesh sang few rhymes and sang Jingle bells to wish every one a happy Christmas.


Our Home in Kolkata held their traditional Christmas party on the 22nd of Dec. 2018. The program was commenced by a prayer dance then a Christmas play which was exhibited by our excellent actors (our Residents). The theme of the Christmas play was based on the theme of the 2nd world day of the poor “The Poor man cried and the Lord heard him”. Though we celebrate Christmas once a year but we can always welcome a prince of peace in our hearts and in our homes by

Every time a hand reaches out To help another....that is Christmas Every time someone puts anger aside And strives for understanding That is Christmas Every time people forget their differences And realize their love for each other That is Christmas May this Christmas bring us Closer to the spirit of human understanding Closer to the blessing of peace!

Christmas party concluded with a delicious homemade wine and cake enjoyed by one and all while santa was entertaining our Residents. We also shared our Christmas joy by inviting few of our poor parishioners and we were happy to share the gifts with them.

Bangalore Perpetual Secours


Christmas celebration with Mark & Martina team at Coonoor. Gifts are being distributed to the Residents by them.

Bangalore St Joseph

Mark & martina's Team at Bangalore St Joseph on December 8th 2018. The little girl Rose cuts the cake on her birthday before the celebrations begin.