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World Day of the Poor celebrated in Bangalore Perpetual Secours Home!

Fr. Antony Joseph, the Rector of the Passionist Community, together with two other priests, con-celebrated, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which was so appropriate to begin the Day, offered for the intentions of our Aged, mentioning each of their names, which really touched their hearts, and that of us Little Sisters. The choir put us in a prayerful atmospherewith their melodious and soft singing.Studies show that the transformative effect music has on the brain, especially that of the Elderly, and we witnessed this first hand with so many of our Aged Residents.

Among the 40 Congregations that make this Zone, we thank the 25 Congregations with their Candidates, who made it possible to attend this Day, just to bring JOY to our Elderly Poor. The dancers in colourful costumes gave a lively display of jogs and reels, especially the brothers who come for their pastoral service, their dance put us all in splits of laughter. It was a real feast for the eyes, and relaxation. Everyone put in their best with so much love, care and attention into its preparations… all in view to making the Elderly Happy!

The surprise Gold and Silver wrappings beneath the stage, placed on the table, caught the eyes of our Residents, and it was not long after the programme, that Father Rector, Anthony Joseph, appealed to the Mother Superiors of the different Congregations to come up and each hand over the gifts to our Residents, which were received with so much joy and thanksgiving in their hearts.

The sumptuous lunch so hospitably served by the Sisters, who experienced so much joy in serving the Poor…..The difference you make in someone’s life makes you a miracle to that person. Devoting your time to listen, a pleasant word or just a warm smile is a bright ray of sunshine on a saddened heart; therefore give others the sunshine of cheerfulness. What else could one offer to satisfy the hearts of our Poor?