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An exciting outing on Residents Day in Mysore!

“This year the Residents’ day was celebrated on the 1st August 2018. The feast day as usual began in the eve with a para liturgy, and on the day with Solemn Mass, good meals and lovely gifts of toiletries sponsored by our benefactors. As a huge shopping mall is opened just in front of our Home, the Little Sisters decided to give them a surprise, as the residents had been watching the progress of this huge building since five years. Tom & Smitha were the intermediaries in getting permission and organizing this window shopping for our Residents. We set out crossing the road with yellow scarfs around the neck while the passers-by raised their eyebrows and then smiled at us. The sudden showers of rain did not hinder us. After taking a group photo at the entrance of the Mall, we began the tour…the wheel chairs, walkers, ahead and it was lovely to see our Residents admiring the display of variety of things. The couple surprised us by taking us to the 4th floor – the Food Court. They supplied snacks and served the elderly with such respect. While seated in the Food court, many of our Residents made reflection such as: “Are we in India or in another foreign country? I have seen in the television. This looks like we are in America, London etc.” We entrust this couple to our Mother Saint Jeanne Jugan who helped us to make our elderly happy. “