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August 15, 2018, Independence Day!

Flag Hoisting ceremony took place in the front garden, surrounded by the Little Sisters and the Residents of the Home. Rev. Father Joy Prakash ofm, who celebrated the Eucharist that morning was pleased to hoist the Indian flag supported by an elderly Resident.

A short passage about the country was read out; the Priest prayed for the country, for the political leaders and for the citizens. The hymn "Rise India" was sung followed by the National Anthem and the distribution of sweet candy to all!

Felicitations to Mr. Govardhan - 60 years of love and fidelity!

Mr Govardhan, 88 and his wife Vimala, 86 are felicitated by the Little Sisters on their 60th wedding anniversary, on August 15, 2018. Mr. Govardhan has been a faithful volunteer to the Home of the Little Sisters of the Poor at Bangalore since his retirement. He loves to serve the elderly Residents at lunch time every day.