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70 years of loving fidelity!

Mr.Chandran and Mrs.Kamakshi’s 70th Wedding anniversary on 11th March 2018, at Secunderabad.

On 11th March we celebrated the 70th Wedding Anniversary of Mr. Chandran 93 years old, and Mrs. Kamakshi 83 years old.Kamakchi was all excited to have a new sari , jewels etc…So she was accompanied by a Little Sister to go to the Market and get whatever she wanted , but Chandran was just happy to have a new dhoti. Both of them were beautifully dressed up well in advance for the special Eucharistic celebration which was celebrated by Rev. Fr. G. Antony, with our Chaplain Rev. Fr.Thyaga Raj. As per custom they exchanged their garlands in the Chapel. Some photographers along with the Journalists from the Times of India who had already interviewed them both were present. After the Holy Eucharist both of them were honored by all, with poems read out by a Resident, speeches being made, and different chosen people greeted them with Ponnadai , garlands and some gifts. It seemed like a real wedding ceremony which both of them enjoyed to the full with great joy and a nice smiling face. The cake was sponsored by one of the volunteers who frequently comes to the home, which wasgraciously cut by both of them while all who were around sang with full voice ‘Showers of Blessings’ and a song in Tamil. Then all were invited to the dining hall where a delicious breakfast was served. It was really a memorable day for all specially for both the jubilarians, though they have no children or any family members they were surrounded by all with much love and affection which made them spend the day with great joy and gratitude.