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G.E. team organizes, animates and celebrates Pongal with the elderly Residents at Little Sisters of

G.E. Volunteers celebrated Pongal - the harvest festival -with the elderly Residents of Little Sisters of the poor, 26, Hosur Road, Richmond Town Bangalore 560 025, with great enthusiasm on January 13, 2018. They made colourful and creative Kolam (Rangoli) designs on the ground. Pongal pot was well decorated in real life.When Pongal was cooked from freshly harvested rice and overflowed from the pot , all - the residents, the GE volunteers and sisters went around the pot singing and dancing to the rhythm of songs. Even the Residents in wheelchairs joined the group. Then the sweet pongal was distributed to everyone present.

We are grateful to the team of GE volunteers who do not count the cost, but always ready to cheer the hearts of the elderly Residents with love and generosity. The Elderly too enjoy their company and look forward for their visits. God bless them all!