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An outing for our Residents to Manoeri from Mumbai!

On February 3, 2018 an outing for our Residents was sponsored by Dr. Leena Pinto (Pathologist ) who does blood test for our Residents regularly every 3 months, all free of cost.She has invited us to bring our elderly Residents to her farm house, which is in Manoeri, far from the city for a picnic. It is a very quite place surrounded by sea and beautiful greeneries. Mr.Volter, the owner of Buthello Transport provided us a bus for the picnic.​

On arrival, we received a warm welcome from Dr. Leena Pinto. She had foreseen everything necessary for our picnic - provided us breakfast, offered us varieties of delicious drink and a sumptuous lunch. At 4 p.m. once again she served us tea with Pani poori, bail poori and dhai poori etc. Every one of us, Residents and Little Sisters enjoyed the hospitality of Dr. Leena Pinto and spent a lovely day together. May God bless Dr. Leena Pinto abundantly for her love and generosity to all of us!