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A Fun-Fare at the Little Sisters of the Poor at Kolkata!

“Compagne de Fond” or Fun-Fare

The committee members began planning for this event from the month of August. Mr. Dominic Gomes, Mrs Vishali Dutt and Mrs Rashmi Rozario had meeting with Mother Cecilia Patricia and Sr. Ann Joachim as our Collecting Little Sister had not yet arrived. Mr N. Wadia was sick, but he participated actively through mobile communication. The date was fixed for 3rd December 2017 and the name of the event was Compagne de Fond instead of carnival or Mini-Fete as in the previous years. It was decided that there will not be Raffle Draw, but appeals letters will be sent to schools, companies, Parishes and individuals.

When Sr. Joseena Marie Antoinette our Collecting Little Sister arrived, meetings were held and with the great initiative of the comity members, Little Sisters and Volunteers, the preparations went on with full swing. There were Volunteers who worked throughout the year segregating the articles coming from outside both old and new. Then the intense preparation: The shamianas were put up 3 days before. On the 2nd of December 95 students from the Queen of the Missions Salt Lake cleaned the whole House, made Posters and shifted small furniture, books etc. to the stalls. By 10:30 a.m. 27 Jesuit pre*Novices came from Barasat to help us. They shifted the parcels for the treasure Island ; 3000 in all. Second Hand clothes, crockery etc. Some benefactors and Schools decorated their stalls in the morning itself. The whole premises was decorated with serial lights. Then all of us retired and had a good night`s sleep

On the 3rd the sun rose bright, the day was beautiful and the weather conducive. All the remaining preparations were done. There were more than ten game stalls and various food stalls : Chinese, Bengali, Gujarathi, kerala, Goan, Hotel Management, `Fujka` and our kitchen stall of favourite hot `Pyajis`, Dal Vadais and Tea. There were the New and Second hand clothes, where crowds of people gather every year. There was also a furniture stall. All the stalls were blessed by Fr. Xavier Sourimuthu after Mass.

At 10 a.m. our Chief guest Mr. V. Solomon Nesakumar, IPS Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) cut the ribbon and declared the `Compagne de Fond` open. After a welcome dance by BGS, the chief guest and his family was taken to different stalls by Mother Cecilia Patricia. He played games in almost all the stalls. Mother said, and he got the prize for shooting and his wife for memory test. There was a very good crowd and the day was very good. There were Auctions at every hour. Mr. Derick Fernandez did a very good job as Auctioneers. At 4 p.m . Mr. Christopher Lobo and Mr Shane Carapiet sang and there was continuous dance by the young and some old. The event came to a close at 5. 00 p.m. with a grateful prayer. Some Volunteers still stayed on to gather everything. Mr. Leon and his team counted. It was a very good day. Thank you my Lord