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Mrs. Annapoorni's Yearly visit to our Home in Erode!

Mrs. Annapoori’s yearly visit on the 8th Januaryto the Home to mark the death anniversary of her husband. Our residents are given gifts galore and large quantities of provisions for the home. Whole day meal also is sponsored by her. You can see the resident’s Joy on their faces

30th January 2018 - Elderly Residents picnic to Puliyur.

Two and a half drive from Erode took us to the beautiful village where Fr. Stephen is the parish priest. A beautiful shrine dedicated to Infant Jesus is a centre of worship for many people.

After visiting an other Church of our Lady of good health in Karur we proceeded to Puliyur wher Fr. Stephen was waiting for us. After all our devotions all were seated for a sumptuous meal for 60 people. His cook is a professional cook who under take catering outside as well.

On our way back we stopped at a big hindu temple for those who are not of our faith and they really profited. The poojari came with a plate with oil lamp welcomed them and gave the basmam. All were beaming with smile. After stopping for Coffee and ice cream all returned home joyfully. Mrs. Rupa from Tirupur sponsored the bus for us.