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Nearly 100 of our residents have been transferred to different locations because the buildings are beyond repair!

Our Sincere Appeal!

The Home for the aged of the Little Sisters of the Poor in Mumbai was established in 1958. Since then hundreds of the elderly poor were taken care of with love and dedication. The Home runs solely on Public Charity and the generosity of the kind hearted people. Two Little Sisters venture out from house to house collecting funds either in cash or in kind for the welfare of the elderly who are under their care.


Due to heavy leakage in the ancient buildings and the crumbling walls it is necessary to build a new home for the elderly. With great difficulty the Home obtained the necessary permissions for demolition and for new construction. As it was impossible to keep all the elderly people during the construction work except the 40 sick and infirm Residents, they were sent to different Homes run by the Little Sisters of the Poor in India, to facilitate the construction work. It is already more than five years since these Residents are away and one can easily imagine their longing to return to their native place.


"We, the Little Sisters of the Poor in Mumbai are in need of financial assistance. We are looking for generous hearted donors who will come to our aide for the building project. It would be impossible for us to envision such a project without the help of public charity. Therefore, dear friends, we appeal to you to help us build a comfortable home for the elderly poor and to provide them the necessary comfort & care they so deserve during the closing years of their lives. It is thanks to people like you that we can continue to care for the sick and elderly poor with dedication and love".


In return for your goodness and kindness towards the elderly poor, we, Little Sisters of the Poor together with our elderly Residents will pray for all your intentions big and small, asking God to bless you abundantly with his choicest graces and blessings.

Present condition of the home!

Present state of Construction work

Photos taken on October 27, 2018

Help us to give our residents a better accommodation during the sunset years of their lives.

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