The driving force

of the life of a Little Sister of the Poor is her deep intimacy with God in prayer. Our life as a Little Sister of the Poor may seem to be very active at the service of the Elderly Poor but the source of our energy come from our life of prayer. We find in the person of the poor the Lord whom we adore in prayer. All our actions derive from the source of our intense prayer life.


We begin the day with meditation

on Sacred Scripture followed by Lauds – Morning Prayer of the Liturgy of the hours. The summit of our prayer is participation in the Eucharistic celebration together with our elderly Residents – they have total liberty to participate or not.


The day is interwoven

with our personal prayer, eucharistic adoration, rosary, scripture reading, evening prayer and night prayer of the Church. These moments help us to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and our lives centred on Christ.



The elderly form bonds of friendship among themselves

which create an atmosphere of peace and security where one feels loved, esteemed and respected. Jeanne Jugan constantly repeated, “My little ones, never forget that the Poor are our Lord.” And “Making the elderly happy is all that counts.”


Following her counsels,

the Little Sisters of the Poor strive to carry out their service to the elderly poor with these sentiments. Always attentive to the elderly whom we desire to serve and love, we take into account the inner thoughts and needs of the Aged.


Needs of elders

  • Longing to feel themselves useful

  • Recognition of their dignity

  • Desire of being respected

  • Esteemed and loved

  • Apprehension of solitude, together with the wish for a certain independence and privacy

  • Need for security

  • In health as in sickness


The teachings of the Church

continue to guide us - Respect for life, by strongly opposing the introduction of euthanasia. We strive to respond to these needs by progressing in the exercise of hospitality, with respect and attention towards each of the Aged.



“A community of Little Sisters, living in complementarity and unity, gives unassuming witness of the unselfish and joyous charity of Christ’s disciples.”

being together.JPG

Our Community life is modelled after the example of the Holy Family according to the desire of Saint Jeanne Jugan. “See how Jesus, Mary and Joseph loved one another, all three how happy they looked, with what kindness and gentleness they spoke to each other. In our little family it must be the same.” (Jeanne Jugan)

From our community life flows great apostolic energy and it is a strong bond for the community by which all the Little Sisters come to share the same sentiments, in humility, peace and love for God.

Community life is an essential part of our religious life. Each one of us is called by Christ for a same mission and we work together to fulfil our aspect of hospitality. We pray together, we take meals together, work together and live together in a community, united in the love of Christ who has gathered us together in a community as a family.