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Home Christmas Party at Mysore!

On December 18, 2019 we celebrated the HOME’S CHRISTMAS PARTY. Our dear Residents actively participated in it. It began with the nativity Scene. After the Nativity Scene the program continued on the Theme of World Evangelization where peoples all over the world came to worship the Baby Jesus. Eleven of our Residents, very appropriately dressed up came forward as representatives of Africa, China, India, America, Europe, Colombia, Argentina etc to offer homage to the New Born King.

World Day of the Poor is celebrated in our Home in Mysore!

On November 30, 2019 the World Day of the Poor was celebrated in our Mysore Home. With the help of the St. Vincent de Paul Society of our Cathedral Parish, we invited poor people from around our Home to spend the morning with us. It was spent with refreshment, games, animation and a lovely feast day lunch. As they left gifts, provision and clothes were given to them. The reward the Sisters received was the broad smiles on the faces of each one as they left the Home, with so many gifts and memories of a beautiful morning spent with us.

Friends of Family Services - Mark, Martina & Team bring much joy and happiness for the Elderly o

It was a real pleasure for all of us to welcome, the Friends of Family Services to our Home in Mysore under the leadership of Mark Ramesh & Martina from Secunderabad for their Annual Christmas Party on the 25th of November this year. We were really privileged to have them among us as they began their Christmas Tour around India visiting our different Homes giving so much joy and happiness to our dear elderly residents. The residents were very happy with their gifts and more than that, they were happy with the personal attention, the companionship and the joy and warmth they brought to them with their visit and Christmas Program. Their gifts were very much appreciated as they all received wh

"FEMINA AWARD" to the Little Sisters of Jabalpur!

Mrs. Richa Bhambri is the C.E.O. of MIENE GROUP & TRIEDENT EVENT. While they were choosing to award a ‘ FEMINA AWARD’ to hundred women for their meritorious achievements, Mrs. Richa Bhambri proposed the Little Sisters for their dedication in the service of the elderly since she had visited our home along with her son just a few months back. The event took place on January 23, 2020. In the list of chief guests we found, Mayor of Jabalpur, a Woman religious leader, DSP of Jabalpur, A Lawyer. Other two women were experts in the fields of education and counseling. Each had a very encouraging practical words for the young girls and women gathered there. In between the programme the awards wer

Helping hands from and Towards the renovation of the different units of our Home in Coonoor, Nilgris

St Hilda's Higher Secondary School from Ooty In response to our appeal for help towards the Renovation of the kitchen St. Hilda’s Higher Secondary school in Ooty collected some funds and presented to us during their visit to our Home. They also gave some musical entertainment for our Residents! AG Resources India Pvt. Ltd. Coimbatore! The Management of AG Resources India Pvt. Ltd. from Coimbatore who sponsored the rewiring of cables in Laundry and Couples quarters of our Home for the Aged at Coonoor came for the inauguration at the completion of the work. The cost of this project was about 2 lakhs. They also sent their own electrician from Coimbatore to do the wiring. It took 10 days to comp

Loving service to our elderly Residents by Sankara Eye Hospital!

Sankara Eye Hospital in Bangalore In 2012 Sankara eye Hospital sponsored an eye camp in our Home. Since then we are in touch with that hospital for the eye care of our Residents. Several cataract operations, Oculoplasty, laser treatments - were done all free of cost for our Residents. During the hospitalization they even offer food for those who are admitted. During the course last year at least 12 cataract operations were done in that hospital. The Manager and the team of doctors are extremely kind to us and our elderly Residents. We are grateful for all that we receive from the hospital and we ask God to bless them abundantly. Ms. Aarthi Nathan is one of our Friends who is always ready t

Christmas 2019 - The old folks of the Little Sisters of the Poor enact the Christmas Scene!

On December 21, 2019 a Christmas Party was held at the Little Sisters of the Poor, Bangalore St Joseph. Many of the elderly were attired to display the Christmas Scene. The Associates Jeanne Jugan were too present and participated in the celebration by singing Christmas Carols. The refreshments were served to all present and a packet of home made Christmas cookies were distributed to all.

GE Company Team celebrates Pongal Festival with the elderly of Little Sisters of Poor in Bangalore S

On January 15, 2020 Pongal festival was celebrated at the Little Sisters of the Poor in Bangalore St Joseph. As usual the GE Company team was present. We, the Little Sisters had invited the Transgenders of Bangalore to participate in the celebration. As they are the rejected section of the Society we wanted to honour them and make them integrated with others for the celebration. At first they were hesitant to accept the invitation. At last, 8 of them came. All the participants mingled with them and made them feel at home. As all the Residents received gifts they too were given. As the pongal was being cooked all the participants went around dancing. The pongal was distributed to everyone. It

Christmas Play at Little Sisters of the Poor,

As every year our Associate Jeanne Jugan Mary Anne Cooke & Family organized the Christmas Party and entertained our Elderly Residents with carol singing, their dress code for the day was ‘red’. Nativity scene was enacted and the Programme ended with giving out the gifts to the Residents.

Christmas Play at Secunderabd by Mary Anne Cooke & her team!

As every year our Associate Jeanne Jugan Mary Anne Cooke & Family organized the Christmas Party and entertained our Elderly Residents with carol singing, their dress code for the day was ‘red’. Nativity scene was enacted and the Programme ended with giving out the gifts to the Residents.