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Picnic and Pilgrimage at Karkala St Lawrence Church in Udupi District!

A picnic cum pilgrimage was organised on the 7th February 2019. The location for this was organised at Karkala St Lawrence church in Udupi District. The Vishal travels had kindly and generously provided the bus for us. It was a privilege to spend quite sometime in prayer and adoration before the Eucharistic presence of our Lord. The lunch was provided by the Church authorities. They also screened a movie for our Residents after Lunch. After having relaxed a while those who wished were taken to Karkala beach. They enjoyed thoroughly at the beach. We returned home with thanksgiving in our hearts for the marvellous day spent in Karkala, praising God for the our good benefactors who enabled us

Different Events at the Little Sisters of the Poor in Erode!

The Festival of Pongal On January 15th, 2019 the Pongal celebration was on full swing. our chaplain blessed it and everyone was eager to taste it during breakfast. The Republic day Celebration To mark the Republic Day the Bank of Baroda decided to donate 2 wheelchairs for our residents. They arrived at the same time when the Lions Club was having their yearly function of Flag Hoisting at our Home. The World Day of the Sick The world day of the sick was celebrated in our Home on Saturday 9th February 2019 as on the 11th February we had organised a picnic for our residents. We were all gathered at the grotto of our Lady of Lourdes. Our Chaplain gave us a brief history of the apparition of our

Father Jerome Vallabha Raj celebrates his Golden Jubilee with his mother at LSP in Chennai!

Fr.Jerome Vallabha Raj who is a Salesian Priest desired to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of his Ordination with his mother who is 92 years old and is residing at the Little Sisters of the Poor in Chennai, India. As she is in the ladies infirmary Father celebrated the Eucharist there at 9.30 a.m. The Resident priest Fr.Simon Raj concelebrated with him. All the infirm, a few valid residents and the Little Sisters participated in the Eucharistic celebration. "There shall be showers of Blessing" was sung after Mass. Father cut the Jubilee cake and he fed his mother first, she in turn did the same..there were felicitations with bouquet of flowers, ponnadai, gifts etc... We praise God for the gi