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Good-Bye to Leelavathy at Tuticorin!

Mrs. E. Leelavathy who worked in the linen room retired from her services in April 2018. In a farewell function she was felicitated by the Little Sisters of the Poor and the Residents; they thanked her for her devoted service in the home for many years. To show their gratitude towards her the elderly Ladies of the Home staged a short program for her. We wish Leelavathy God's abundant blessings and a happy retired life.

Birthday Party at Mangalore!

On July 21, 2018, we celebrated the birth day party of our Residents. As usual the youth group of emphases animated it. There were 8 residents who celebrated their birthdays. At first the birthday song was sung, followed by the cake cutting which they had brought. Gifts were distributed to them.They performed a beautiful dance. They had brought a new member with them this time. She was very delighted by her experience and expressed her joy and gratitude. The youth and the elderly were happy to spend the afternoon together.


July 28, 2018 It was a joy for us to celebrate the 25 years of employment in our Home of Mr. Martin, who has been working in the laundry since he began to work in the Home. He is very devoted and helpful in many ways not only in the laundry, but anywhere he is needed in the Home. At the same time we had the “Fare-Well” of Puttamma who has worked for 32 years in the Ladies Infirmary of our Home . She retires from her work now. Our Morning Mass was celebrated for their intentions and was well-animated by the Kannada Choir Members who had come from out. In the evening, there was a felicitation program for both of them, with ponnadai, garlands, greetings and gifts. The program was staged by

August 15, 2018, Independence Day!

Flag Hoisting ceremony took place in the front garden, surrounded by the Little Sisters and the Residents of the Home. Rev. Father Joy Prakash ofm, who celebrated the Eucharist that morning was pleased to hoist the Indian flag supported by an elderly Resident. A short passage about the country was read out; the Priest prayed for the country, for the political leaders and for the citizens. The hymn "Rise India" was sung followed by the National Anthem and the distribution of sweet candy to all! Felicitations to Mr. Govardhan - 60 years of love and fidelity! Mr Govardhan, 88 and his wife Vimala, 86 are felicitated by the Little Sisters on their 60th wedding anniversary, on August 15, 2018. Mr.

August 15, 2018 in Mumbai at the Little Sisters of the Poor!

Christians from Orthodox and Methodist churches visited the Residents at 10 30 am on 15th August 2018. Being Independence day, Mr. Amar Sharma entertained the residents at 4.30 pm . He sang the old Hindi songs and made our residents happy. Every one enjoyed thoroughly.

Mrs. Medini Uday Garuda Chariayar celebrates her birthday with the elderly Residents at the Little S

Sri. Dr. Uday Garuda Chariayar, MLA of Chamrajpet, Bangalore and his wife Mrs. Medina Uday were expected at the Little Sisters of the Poor on July 31st 2018 evening. It was the birthday of Mrs. Medini Uday who wished to celebrate it with the elderly Residents. In the early afternoon a group of men came to the Home and diplayed a poster of the couple at the gate and in the dining hall of the Residents. The couple arrived with their son at 5.30 p.m. They were greeted by the Residents. Prayers were offered for Mrs. Medini Uday after which she cut the birthday cake while the assembly sang birthday song and "Showers of blessing"Mr. Uday Garuda addressed the gathering, distributed a gift of toile

"Oneness Club" at the Little Sisters of the Poor in Erode!

On July 2, 2018, a group called "Oneness club" came to the Home. They donated medicines worth of Rs. 25,000; distributed to each elderly Resident a container of Horlicks; sponsored the evening supper of that day. They were very happy to encounter the Residents and to interact with them Oneness club is an International organisation where all denominations come together and find comfort through prayer. Mrs. Prema was the organiser of this day whom our collecting sisters came to know.