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An outing for our Residents to Manoeri from Mumbai!

On February 3, 2018 an outing for our Residents was sponsored by Dr. Leena Pinto (Pathologist ) who does blood test for our Residents regularly every 3 months, all free of cost.She has invited us to bring our elderly Residents to her farm house, which is in Manoeri, far from the city for a picnic. It is a very quite place surrounded by sea and beautiful greeneries. Mr.Volter, the owner of Buthello Transport provided us a bus for the picnic.​ On arrival, we received a warm welcome from Dr. Leena Pinto. She had foreseen everything necessary for our picnic - provided us breakfast, offered us varieties of delicious drink and a sumptuous lunch. At 4 p.m. once again she served us tea with Pani

G.E. team organizes, animates and celebrates Pongal with the elderly Residents at Little Sisters of

G.E. Volunteers celebrated Pongal - the harvest festival -with the elderly Residents of Little Sisters of the poor, 26, Hosur Road, Richmond Town Bangalore 560 025, with great enthusiasm on January 13, 2018. They made colourful and creative Kolam (Rangoli) designs on the ground. Pongal pot was well decorated in real life.When Pongal was cooked from freshly harvested rice and overflowed from the pot , all - the residents, the GE volunteers and sisters went around the pot singing and dancing to the rhythm of songs. Even the Residents in wheelchairs joined the group. Then the sweet pongal was distributed to everyone present. We are grateful to the team of GE volunteers who do not count the cost

Recent events at the Little Sisters of the Poor of Jabalpur!

Nursing Students visit the Home! Forty seven G.N.M. third year students of N.S.C.B. Medical college of Nursing from Jabalpur were delighted to visit our Residents and to interact with them on January 25, 2018. They entertained our elderly with singing. The cleanliness of the Home had a great impact on them. 69th Republic Day of India On 26th January, 2018, the Residents and the Little Sisters proceeded from the chapel after Mass for the flag hoisting. Our Chaplain Rev. Fr. Sujeet Lakra hoisted the flag, prayed for our country and for its leaders that they may promote peace and harmony in the country. Picnic to Sadhna Guest House A picnic was organised for our residents on 31, January 2018


The World Day of the Sick is a feast day of the Roman Catholic Church which was instituted on May 13, 1992 by Pope John Paul II. Beginning on February 11, 1993, it is celebrated every year on the commemoration of Our Lady of Lourdes, for all believers, seeks to be "a special time of prayer and sharing, of offering one's suffering" We celebrated the feast of the Our Lady of Lourdes this afternoon, February 10, 2018 with Rosary, Blessing of the sick and benediction. Our Chaplain Fr. Arulmuthu conducted the celebration so beautifully praying for all the sick. He confided all the sick of the home to the care of Mother Mary. Refreshment followed. EXCEL INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE STUDENTS VISIT THE HOME

Picnics for Residents at Little Sisters of the Poor, Erode!

A picnic for our residents was organized on January 30, 2018 to Puliyur in Karur District, two and a half hour journey from Erode, where Fr. Arokiaraj welcomed us wholeheartedly . He is well known to us as the former parish priest of Railway Colony Church in Erode. After having visited his parish Church dedicated to Infant Jesus we gladly accepted his invitation for a delicious meal. On our way Home, we stopped at a Hindu temple for our Residents who are not of catholic faith. In fact, the bus was sponsored by one of our Hindu benefactors, Mrs Rupa. February 12, 2018 Picnic of Infirm Residents It was a beautiful day for our semi valid residents In two tempo travelers 22 residents and 6 sis

A Fun-Fare at the Little Sisters of the Poor at Kolkata!

“Compagne de Fond” or Fun-Fare The committee members began planning for this event from the month of August. Mr. Dominic Gomes, Mrs Vishali Dutt and Mrs Rashmi Rozario had meeting with Mother Cecilia Patricia and Sr. Ann Joachim as our Collecting Little Sister had not yet arrived. Mr N. Wadia was sick, but he participated actively through mobile communication. The date was fixed for 3rd December 2017 and the name of the event was Compagne de Fond instead of carnival or Mini-Fete as in the previous years. It was decided that there will not be Raffle Draw, but appeals letters will be sent to schools, companies, Parishes and individuals. When Sr. Joseena Marie Antoinette our Collecting Litt