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Mrs. Annapoorni's Yearly visit to our Home in Erode!

Mrs. Annapoori’s yearly visit on the 8th Januaryto the Home to mark the death anniversary of her husband. Our residents are given gifts galore and large quantities of provisions for the home. Whole day meal also is sponsored by her. You can see the resident’s Joy on their faces 30th January 2018 - Elderly Residents picnic to Puliyur. Two and a half drive from Erode took us to the beautiful village where Fr. Stephen is the parish priest. A beautiful shrine dedicated to Infant Jesus is a centre of worship for many people. After visiting an other Church of our Lady of good health in Karur we proceeded to Puliyur wher Fr. Stephen was waiting for us. After all our devotions all were seated for a

A loving tribute to a Saint who walked with us! Sr Helene de Ste. C

Sister Helene de Sainte Chantal first saw the light of day on November 21, 1927, a significant date when the church commemorates the Presentation of Our Lady in the Temple. It was not surprising then, that devotion to Mother Mary was to mark Sister Helene throughout her life. Her parents, Francis and Rose Anna had four children and Sister was the eldest of them. She was followed by her two brothers and a sister. From her birthplace in Goa, the family moved to East Africa where her father worked. At a time when political unrest was brewing in that country, it was thought prudent to return to India and they settled in Bangalore, in the vicinity of the Sacred Heart Parish. It proved advantageou

225th Birthday of Foundress Saint Jeanne Jugan celebrated at our Home in Mysore!

Celebration of 225th Birth Anniversary of our Mother St Jeanne Jugan was held on Sunday, 29t, October 2017. The High Mass at 4 p.m. was presided by Bishop Emeritus Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Anthony Vazhapilly with eighteen priests. The response of our friends, benefactors and other Religious Congregations was great to share our joy. After Mass and refreshments all came together in the auditorium for the cultural programme. After the magnificent welcome dance by Miss. Ancitta the best was yet to come. Our dear old people stole the show by their folk dance. Then the Dance School of Mrs. Aarti Arun presented the life of Jeanne Jugan by Indian Classical Dance Bharatnatyam combining with the 18th cent

Royal Visit to our elderly Residents at Mysore!

On march 18, 2017 a big surprise awaited everyone at our Home in Mysore. The new young Prinice Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar and Princess Trishika Rajkumari arrived on an informal visit at 5.15 p.m. At the entrance they were presented with a bouquet from the handicraft section and heard us sing " Happy Birthday" for it was the young Prince's birthday. He expressed his desire to meet the Elderly and visit the Home. The young couple were happy to meet our Residents and gave them a listening ear, never showing that they were in any hurry. Everyone was struck by their simplicity. They also kindly obliged to pose for photographs with the community and the employees.