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Life is sacred, which is God’s gift to each human being. From the moment of conception until death an elderly person remains a person with his dignity and uniqueness.


“God alone is the Lord of life from its beginning until its end: no one can under any circumstance claim for himself the right directly to destroy an innocent human being." (Catechism of the Catholic Church No. 56).


At the Home of the Little Sisters of the Poor every elderly person is respected and loved even if that person is in a vegetative state. Palliative care is administered to the sick person. Euthanasia to the elderly Residents in any form cannot be tolerated.

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Little Sisters of the Poor

The Little Sisters are the primary care givers of the elderly Residents who are admitted to our Home. The Mother Superior has the first responsibility and is in charge of the Home, its administration and admissions with the help of her councillors. A Little Sister is in charge of the different units of the Home - the infirmary, mobile Residents, kitchen, laundry, linen, medical unit, occupational therapy etc.

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Salaried Personnel

The salaried personnel are a valuable assistance to the Little Sisters in the care of the elderly and in the maintenance of the Home. Each one brings her/his talents, expertise, and knowledge in the accomplishment of his/her duties with devotedness and love for the elderly. They assure the presence in the absence of the Little Sisters so that the elderly are never left alone.


Associates Jeanne Jugan

The Association offers to laymen and women the opportunity of sharing in the spiritual riches of the Little Sisters of the Poor, of participating in their apostolic mission of hospitality to the aged poor, and of helping to spread the charism of Jeanne Jugan in the milieus where they live and work.


Jeanne Jugan envisioned hospitality as a humble fraternal service uniting in one family the Little sisters, the elderly and lay collaborators who wish to serve Jesus Christ in the person of their elderly brothers and sisters.


The Association Jeanne Jugan is open to Catholic men and women of eighteen years of age who wish to give greater vitality to their Christian faith and to participate in the apostolic mission of the Little Sisters of the Poor. Following an introductory period and a time of initial formation, the membership in the association is sealed by an annual promise.

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The collaboration brought by people from different walks of life is a great support and aid to the Little Sisters of the Poor. The volunteers increase day by day; their presence and help are immensely appreciated. They share their precious time by rendering many little services possible in the home. There are so many things to be done: serving at meal times, giving a helping hand, taking a Resident for a stroll in the garden, entertaining them and interacting with them, taking them for an appointment and so on and so forth.